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The analyses and deconstructions on this site, whether in the form of text or otherwise, contain detailed discussions and playthroughs of Death Stranding. Proceed with caution if you wish to avoid potential spoilers for the game.

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why META-STRAND’s habitat is a website

the new public square Let’s start with an unassailable truth about academia, shall we? The eternally spinning hamster wheel of ‘publish or perish’. The days…

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where I dissect DeathStranding


where I critically reflect analyses

where I guide through ludology

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… gamers, scholars, readers

Journey with META-STRAND through fragmentary cultural studies insights into Death Stranding’s world of isolation, human connections, and relations with technology, immersing in cross-disciplinary theories and contemporary thinkers to reimagine knowledge discourse for the digital age.

Apart from the actual analyses and deconstructions, find a detailed documentation of the project’s architecture and character as well as a comprehensive list of references and more. And most important: meta-commentaries on the why and how of META-STRAND.

where I vivesect META-STRAND

insider tip

… for those who prefer reading in German: The navigation and general pages are penned in the language of Die Ärzte, Paul Celan and Heinrich Heine – I mean, German. But beware, when things get down to the nitty-gritty – that is, the in-depth analyses and scholarly explorations – the stage switches to English. This isn’t about language preferences, but more about English being a common denominator in the global research community and my language of choice to express my ideas on Death Stranding and to stay linguistically close to both the game and the thinkers inspiring my reflections. So, keep an eye out for the language changes, and happy browsing!

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This project thrives on diverse perspectives. Help shape the analysis by contributing your insights as a gamer, scholar, enthusiast or curious explorer.

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submit a fragment analysis through this link [will follow]
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Let’s build knowledge together as an open, evolving community. I welcome ideas from all disciplines and backgrounds. Each contribution makes the analysis richer and pushes it in new directions. This project belongs to its collaborative contributors.

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