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Greetings, explorers of the digital seas. I am Victoria Mummelthei, a scholar of cultural studies navigating the vast waters of knowledge at Freie Universität Berlin. META-STRAND is my compass and ship, guiding my venture into the intriguing intersections of cultural and game studies. Dive deeper into my explorations at

your comments and insights

When you anchor your thoughts on our shores by leaving comments, we treasure the data in the comment form, alongside your IP address and browser details, ensuring our defense against the stormy seas of spam.

For those with Gravatars, we might convert your email into a hash to engage the Gravatar service. Familiarize yourself with the waters of their privacy policy at Upon comment approval, your profile’s image becomes a beacon to others in the context of your insights.

digital treasures (media)

Should you share visual tales (images) on our site, it’s wise to sail without embedded location maps (EXIF GPS). For, adventurers visiting can unearth these location treasures from your shared images.

mariner’s cookies

Marking your territory by commenting allows you to optionally save your name and contact details in cookies, sparing you from navigating the same waters when you revisit. These guiding stars (cookies) light up for a year.

For those accessing the captain’s quarters (login page), we cast a short-lived net (temporary cookie) to ensure smooth sailing. It dissolves once your voyage (browser session) ends.

If you’re a crew member logging in, we use a series of guiding stars to ease your navigation. If you choose to set sail with us for a longer duration (“Remember Me”), your voyage lasts two weeks. Departing from the ship (logging out) will see these stars fade.

Embarking on a story-telling quest (editing/publishing an article)? Another guiding star appears, indicating the tale you’re weaving. It fades after a day.

mysteries from other realms (embedded content)

Some tales on META-STRAND bear elements from distant shores (e.g., videos, images). Interacting with these is akin to journeying to these foreign lands.

These distant realms might seek to know more about your adventures, place their own guiding stars (cookies), and even trace your path if you’re familiar with their lands (logged in on their sites).

whispers with WordPress

In the rare event you forget your sea chanties (passwords) and need them sung back, your point of departure (IP address) will be mentioned in the recital (reset email).

echoes of your adventures (data retention)

Anchoring your insights (comments) means they, and the stories behind them, remain a part of our chronicles indefinitely, letting us recognize and respond to your future tales.

For explorers joining our crew (registering), we safeguard the tales (personal data) you share in your logbook (profile). Each member of our crew can revisit, rewrite, or erase their tales, although their chosen sea name (username) remains constant. The ship’s helmsmen (website admins) can also gaze upon these tales.

your rights on this voyage

For every explorer who has charted courses or sung tales here, you may summon a map of the personal tales we’ve chronicled about you. If you wish, we can also cast these tales into the abyss, barring what’s needed for navigating legal or security storms.

destinations of your tales

Should you anchor your insights, they may be sailed through magical winds (automated spam detection service) ensuring they’re genuine treasures and not illusions.

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