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META-STRAND thrives on diverse voices and perspectives. This evolving community page celebrates the scholars, gamers, and enthusiasts who collaboratively shape this project. While currently driven by me, its founder, reader insights through comments and social shares are already deepening our conversations.

As META-STRAND grows, I’m eager to spotlight contributors across various domains: those who submit analyses, suggest theoretical lenses, provide data, review drafts, or even propose related games or reviews. Profiles and testimonials will soon join this space, underscoring the participatory spirit that fuels our community. Each new voice lends a richer dimension to our exploration of ‘Death Stranding’ and the broader realm of game studies.

I cordially invite thinkers and enthusiasts from all walks of life to join our discourse. If you share a passion for curiosity and critical examination, we’d love for you to get involved in any capacity that feels right. Together, we’re charting a course to understand the profound cultural impacts of gaming.

While these collaborative features are still in the pipeline, envision a near future where our co-op mode is in full swing, enhancing META-STRAND’s richness and depth.

collaborators in the spotlight

Victoria Mummelthei
just me

Over-thinking academe during working hours, photography and gaming enthusiast in every bit of meantime. Initiated this wonderfully eccentric project. Spends free time staring pensively into the distance.

this could be you
analytical adventurer

Goes on epic gaming quests by day, philosophizes about game narratives by night. Seeks to satiate an endless hunger for exploring interactive art. Provides insights from years of hardcore gaming experience.

this could be you
theory crafter

Devours dense theoretical tomes with morning coffee. Unleashes untapped analytical frameworks upon the world of gaming. A seeker of wisdom in unexpected places.

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